Considering Abortion?

Get the Facts Before You Decide.

An unwanted pregnancy can be a frightening situation. If you are pregnant and wondering what to do, we encourage you to get reliable abortion facts before making up your mind.


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Types of Abortions

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3 Questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you actually Pregnant?

  • How far along are you?

  • Is your pregnancy viable?

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Your Right To Know.

It’s North Carolina Law.


North Carolina law requires that a woman receive certain abortion related information at least 72 hours prior to an abortion (effective 10/1/2015).  This information is part of the N.C. Woman’s Right to Know Act of 2011 that mandates the giving of informed consent prior to an abortion.


You have the right to choose an abortion, and you also have the right to be informed of all the facts about your pregnancy and abortion. 

The Woman’s Right to Know Act requires that women seeking an abortion be fully informed about relevant issues such as:

  • Abortion methods and associated medical risks

  • Probable gestational age of the fetus at the time the abortion is to be performed

  • Possible adverse psychological effects of abortion

  • Medical risks of carrying a pregnancy to term

  • Public and private agencies and services available to assist the woman through pregnancy, at childbirth, and when the child is dependent

  • Alternative options to abortion

  • Information on free ultrasounds

  • Name of the abortion provider and if he/she has liability insurance

  • Location of the hospital where the abortion provider has clinical privileges in the case of an emergency

More information is available on the Woman’s Right to Know Act from the NC Department of Health and Human Services.

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