Student or On Campus?

You May be Wondering......

What am I going to do?

Female College Students

Will I be able to

finish School?

Can I lose my Schloarship?

Many of the women who walk through our doors are college students from Mars Hill University or AB Tech. Being a student and finding yourself pregnant can be a scary thing. Yes, if you are pregnant, life may be different, but you can still live a healthy, fulfilling, and successful life.


We are committed to helping you weigh your options and accomplish your academic and life goals.


Are You Actually Pregnant?

Let’s make sure. We offer free and confidential pregnancy testing and limited ultrasounds to ensure your pregnancy is viable.


And let’s talk through your concerns…

As a student you may have many concerns. We can help you…

  • Talk to your family or loved ones

  • Talk about being a young parent (or not)

  • Talk through all options (abortion, adoption, parenting)

  • Understand your reproductive rights

  • Make a plan to finish school

  • Address any other topics you’d like to discuss

Know that we are a resource here for you, and our caring and non-judgmental staff is available and ready to help you through this process.

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